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Profile Sport idol Mike Tyson

Profile Sport idol Mike Tyson
Name :Mike Tyson
Date of
birth:30 June 1966
Place of birth :Brooklyn, New York, USA
Birth name :Michael Gerard Tyson
Nickname :Iron Mike

* Was involved in a street fight with former opponent Mitch "Blood" Green in 1988. In 1997 Green won a lawsuit over the incident and was awarded $45,000.
* Boxer
* Bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear during a heavyweight title bout.
* In 1991, Desiree Washington, a Miss Black America contestant, charged that Tyson raped her in an Indianopolis hotel room. He was arrested, tried, and served three years in prison.
* wife Monica Turner filed for divorce
[January 2002]
* The Nevada State Athletic Commission Tuesday voted to deny Mike Tyson a license to box in Las Vegas, thereby effectively pulling the plug on an April 6 pay-per-view bout with Lennox Lewis that was due to air on both HBO and Showtime and could have produced the biggest take for a heavyweight title fight ever. [January 2002]
* Was soundly defeated by Lennox Lewis via knockout in the eighth round. [June 2002]
* Titles: 1986: WBC Heavyweight Title 1987: WBA Heavyweight Title 1987: IBF Heavyweight Title 1987: Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion 1996: WBC Heavyweight Title 1996: WBA Heavyweight Title
* Record as of 2002: 49-4-0 (43)
* Children by ex-wife Monica Turner: Rayna (b. 14 February 1996) and Amir (b. 5 August 1997)
* Ex-wife Monica Turner is a paediatric resident at Georgetown University Medical Center.
* His father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick, reportedly fathered 16 children, 3 of them by Tyson's mother, Lorna Smith Tyson. By the time Mike was born, Kirkpatrick had left her.
* Admits paternity of an 8-month-old girl born to Kimberly Scarborough of New York. (28 March 1991)
* Frequently uses the word "ludicrous".
* Was adopted by Cus D'Amato, boxing genius and trainer of such fighters as Floyd Patterson.
* Before the game "Street Fighter 2" came to the USA, there were fighters named Mike Bison who was a boxer, Balrog who was a Spanish Assassin with a claw, and Vega who was the leader of Shadowloo. To avoid a possible lawsuit from Tyson, Capcom (the makers Street Fighter) had a three-name swap between Mike Bison, Balrog, and Vega. After the switch, the boxer became Balrog, the Spanish Assassin became Vega, and the leader of Shadowloo became the shortened M. Bison, without a definite clarification as to what 'M' now stood for.
* He is possibly the direct influence of "The Simpsons" Frederic Tatum, who is also an 'unbeatable' boxer that has shaky Public Relations.
* His name was dropped from the 1987 classic game "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!" because the contract for his name was about to expire, and he lost to Buster Douglas. No longer being the champion, and his contract expiring soon after, Nintendo no longer wanted Tyson. As a result, the game title became "Punch-Out!" and the last fight was against Mr. Dream, rather than Tyson himself, with Mr. Dream having the same abilities and sayings as Tyson.
* At 13 years old weighed 200 pounds.
* Not long after his release from prison, he was ready for a massive return. It was the most anticipated comeback in generations. In August of 1995, he beat Peter McNeeley in a matter of seconds - 89, to be exact.
* He was fined $3 million, and was banned from boxing for one year for biting Holyfield's ear.
* In 2000, he fought three times in Europe. His third, against Andrew Golota, was first a victory, but changed to no-contest after Tyson failed a drug test. The next year he fought only once, knocking out Brian Nielsen in the seventh round.
* Served nine months in jail in for assaulting two people after a car crash in 1998.
* The character "Blood" from Vendetta (1991) was modeled after him.
* From 6 March 1985 to 11 February 1990, he was undefeated with a record of 37-


Tyson is a living legend. His story continues to unfold almost daily, in and out of boxing rings
. He was the youngest heavyweight champion of the world a feared boxer who seemed destined to reign for decades. But his lust for beautiful women and insatiable drive for fame and fortune has temporarily knocked him out of the sport, sent him to jail for three years and may permanently doom him to the ranks of the 'has beens.' Still there are those who know Tyson and believe he has the stuff of greatness and is in the process of remaking himself so that once again he may old his head high as a champion.

This hour long program will trace the rise and fall of "Iron Mike Tyson" We will hear his story in his own words, from an exclusive interview, much of which has never been seen before, as he talks about his dreams, desires and demons.

Banned from boxing for a year after nearly biting off Evander Holyfield's ear the former champion is trying desperately to regain his lost glory. To support a new wife and family, he has gone to work in the circus like world of professional wrestling. He's fired promoter Don King and has new advisors who've pledged to steer Tyson away from temptations that led him to walk on the wild side of self-destruction.

Interviews with former boxing champion Jose Torres, trainers Teddy Atlas, Kevin Rooney and one time manager Bill Cayton, HBO boxing commentator Larry Merchant and investigative reporter Jack Newfield, provide insightful and first person accounts of Tyson's life story.

This is a no holds barred faced paced special which reveals more than the story of a sports figure, it is the story of our time, of a true tale spiked with greed, corruption and power.

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